Belo Horizonte - MG
20 a 23 de julho de 2010
XXX Congresso da SBC
Computação verde: desafios científicos e tecnológicos
Mai 10
"Claudio Bartolini será palestrante no XXXVII SEMISH"

Claudio Bartolini, HP Labs Palo Alto
Predictive IT Analytics

IT has become the fabric by which business is run.  Yet decision makers in IT (from CIOs, IT executives, managers and practitioners), still rely on spreadsheet and heuristics to make most of their decisions.  The aim of our research at HP Labs Palo Alto and Bristol is to provide decision support to IT decision makers by making sense of large masses of data available through disparate sources in IT.  We apply data mining and operation research techniques (optimization, simulation, visualization) to the decision problems at hand, taking into account -- and exploiting where possible -- new trends such as social networking, collaboration technology and cloud computing. In this talk, after a brief intro to HP Labs, I'll present current status and results, and future directions of our research in predictive IT analytics.

Claudio Bartolini is a Research Manager and Principal Investigator with HP Labs in Palo Alto, CA.  Claudio's team's research objective is to deliver a set of Cloud-based services for IT strategy planning that takes full advantage of a range of predictive IT analytics. His core areas of expertise are decision support and information management applied to IT strategy and IT service management. He received his M.Sc in EE from the University of Bologna, Italy and his Ph.D in Information Engineering from the University of Ferrara, Italy. He has ITSM foundation certification from ISEB.  He has published extensively in IT service management and related disciplines.

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