About The Track

Game & Culture Track is concerned with what happens after the game is ready. How games influences people, communities, and society. How people gather because of a game, as well as other uses they make of it, prohibitions and matters that are raised related to games. This track is also concerned about discussions on the contents of games related to the topics listed below, since they are not about the implementation of the game (arts and design track and computing track), or about is commercialization (business track).

The main fields of investigation of this track are education, work, policies , language, body, violence, metropolis, youth, medias, cognition, subjectivity and arts, among others.

 Mains topics

Some topics suggested for Full Papers, Short Papers and tutorial are (but are not restricted to):

  • Games and education
  • Games and policies
  • Games and work
  • Games and language
  • Games and youth
  • Games and media
  • Games and violence
  • Games and sociability
  • Games and publicity
  • Games and emotion
  • Games and motivation
  • Games and body
  • Games and arts

Special attention must be given to the topic on arts, since, differently of what happens in the field of games design, we understand arts here as a cultural interface between the games and the artistic world (installations, web art, computer art, digital art, and so forth) that in some sense use the language of the games.


Game & Cultura track accepts two kind of work:
     Full Papers, 6 to 10 pages, and
     Short Papers, up to 4 pages.

Papers can be written in English or Portuguese and cannot overpass the limits defined, including tables, graphics, and references, that may be relevant to the paper. Over-length works may be rejected without review. Full papers should present new and relevant results of theoretical, empirical or applied research. Short papers may describe research still in development or new ideas. Although papers are the main target, SBGames strongly stimulates the presentation of posters, because the future of game research depends of new talents testing innovative, but not yet fully developed ideas. Authors cannot submit the same work as a Full Paper and Short Paper in another track It is allowed to submit different Full Papers and Short Papers to different tracks, since the author indicate this fact on the process of work submission. All papers will be cross-reviewed by at least two referees. Accepted papers will be published at SBGames annual book. In case the authors have sent works to different track, each paper will be published at the specific track. At least one of the authors must be registered at SBGames 2008.

The papers have to be submitted using the JEMS system (https://submissoes.sbc.org.br/sbgames2008) Additional material as videos, images, programs among others can be sent to be included at the CD/Site after the paper has been accepted. The authors should complete and sign the SBGames Copyright Release Form immediately after the notification of acceptance. Submissions will be done electronically through the submission system SBC JEMS online.


As Pages must be written in Times New Roman 11, single space, with the following page configuration:
     Left and inferior with 2,5 cm;
     Right and superior with 2,0 cm.

Text must bring title, authors, the name of the universities or institution. Papers and posters should be sent in PDF format. Other formats will not be accepted. Works must me sent without the name of the authors and institutions that will be added to the approved papers. In the place of those dada the author must write "omitted for blind revision".