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Belo Horizonte ("beautiful horizon") is the capital of the state of Minas Gerais, and the third largest city in Brazil. Located in the Southeastern region, strategically positioned within Brazil and the Americas, the city is surrounded by the Serra do Curral Mountains, which serve as a natural backdrop, as well as a historical reference.

In addition to its natural advantages, and the ease of access by air and by land, the capital of Minas Gerais stands out for its architectural treasures, its strong vocation for commerce and services, and its rich artistic and cultural offerings.

Belo Horizonte has a population of almost 2.4 million and over 5.3 million in the official Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte.

There are many notable Brazilian artistic groups which have its origins in Belo Horizonte. Grupo Corpo, which is perhaps the most famous contemporary dance group in the country, was created in the city in 1975, travel internationally and are acclaimed throughout the world. Giramundo is an important group, specialized in performing puppet shows. They maintain the museum of the puppets they created since their foundation in 1970. first launched a complete album in 1981, and has released 11 works since that year.

Another innovative artistic group is Uakti. They create their own musical instruments using materials like PVC, wood, metals and glass. Many important rock groups were founded in Belo Horizonte, being among them Jota Quest, Pato Fu (photo), Skank, 14 Bis and Tianastácia. But the band that achieved most international success was trash metal group Sepultura.

Clube da Esquina is a musical movement that originated in the mid 1960s, and since that time their members have been considered influent in Minas Gerais culture and have important artists. Writers of national influence lived here in Belo Horizonte as: Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Pedro Nava, Milton Campos, Fernando Sabino, Otto Lara Resende, Ziraldo, Gustavo Capanema, Emílio Moura, Hélio Pellegrino e Paulo Mendes Campos.

Every year many Festivals take place in Belo Horizonte as:

  • "Festival Internacional de Teatro, Palco e Rua" (FIT) (International festival of theater, stage and street)
  • "Festival Internacional de Teatro de Bonecos" (FITB) (International festival of puppets)
  • "Festival Internacional de Dança" (FID) (International festival of dance)
  • "Festival Internacional de Corais" (International festival of choirs)
  • "Festival de Arte Negra" (FAN) (Festival of Afro-american Art)
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